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Create a Job For Maven In Jenkins

Create a Job For Maven Project in  Jenkins mean you’re going to perform task in Jenkins using this Open Source tool for Continous integration. It also helps to developer to compile, Test , Packages the code. If he gets some error in the code so it can directly check the code instead of compiling the whole code again.

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Let’s Begin

Create a job for Compile

Click on New Items to create a job

Here you have to give a name and click on FresStyle project and then OK.

Now come to the Source Code Management where you have to choose either git or SVN. I choose git and took the project from git-hub for making you understand.

Now come to build section and choose “invoke top-level Maven targets “ & click on Save.

After chosen this, You have to choose Maven here.

And Save.

As you can see your first job has been created and i started it

In the end, the job got success means there is no issue in code..

And Repeat the same step for Test & Package. I’m just showing here in a image.

Every step will be same just change here

For Test Job

For Package job

YouTube Link : Create job using Compile

You’re done

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