Create and Configure Elastic Load Balancer On Amazon Cloud

Create and Configure Elastic Load Balancer On Amazon Cloud

We can create and configure elastic AWS as a classic load balancer or ELB in AWS. A load balancer basically used to distribute the traffic which is coming from the internet and we can also set up the ELB for internal servers as well.

Note: you have to choose public subnets when creating ELB.

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Click on EC2 -> Load Balancer on the left side and then Click on Create Load Balancer

create and configure elastic

There’re three load balancers available and click on create. So I will choose a Classic load balancer here.

  1. Application Load Balancer
  2. HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancer
  3. Classic Load Balancer

elb configure aws

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Now you need to give it a name and select your VPC network where you want to launch. I will keep port 80 because all the traffic will hit on that port on ELB which is in public subnets then ELB will distribute the traffic on attached servers.

There are two types of LB that can be created public and internal LB. you can select internal LB for testing purposes. Internal Load Balancer will distribute the traffic internally on the server.

load balancer aws

It will ask you the subnets and select the public one.

aws classic load balancer

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Next, it will ask to Assign Security groups and I will create the new one. I have defined port 443 if I want to apply SSL.

aws load balancer comparison

Now configure the health check, you can change ping protocol here for testing purpose and choose TCP and port 22. It will send continuously 3 ping requests to check the health status. You can set values according to your needs.

which load balancers support ec2 classic?

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You can add EC2 instance here and you can also add it later.

Tag a name

Now ELB created.

Note: ELB doesn’t keep any public IP because it has a DNS name which will be pointed to a website using CName or alias. The initial stage of health check will shot down or unhealthy.

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Right now it’s in out of service because the server is down.

You’re done elb configure aws classic load balancer create and configure elastic

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