Create Gitlab Admin User After Authentication With AD

Create a GitLab Admin User password, When you authenticate git-lab with Active Directory server. So there will not be any admin user available for git-lab. you can also change user permissions in the GitLab.

Whoever will log in to your git-lab server will act like normal users with the same permission as other users. So you need to create an Admin user when your server is authenticated by the AD server.

Create GitLab Admin User After Authentication With AD:

You can make any of your AD users to the admin of Git-lab Server like I make a user ‘Panki” to the admin user of git-lab.

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With a Normal AD user, you can see there are no admin configuration settings.

Create Gitlab Admin User

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Create an Admin User with using below Commands

gitlab-rails console production

 gitlab admin user

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Then run the below commands in sequence.

user = User.find_by(username: 'panki')

user.admin = true!

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After exiting the console, Now run the below command to make changes in a file.

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

As you can see we have now the Configuration Git-lab settings.

You’re done gitlab admin password word change user permissions gitlab pe

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