Create Group And User Using Command line In CentOS 7

Today we will learn how to Create User and Group using the command line in Linux. In the previous post, we learned about Some useful commands of the user. We can also remove and find the location of the user in Linux.

Create Group and User Using Command line:

You can also add a user with this command adduser username. if you need to remove a user with all the locations. So you can simply use the ‘-r‘ option with userdel -r username

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Both commands mention below used to add a user in Linux.

useradd aryan Or adduser aryan

Check User added.

grep aryan /etc/passwd

 user location in linux

Now a few things to keep in mind when you created is the user. It’s defined in 5 locations which is mentioned below.

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1. Working Home Directory


2. Mail location

ls /var/spool/mail/

3. It creates a primary group

grep aryan /etc/group

1001 = Primary group

4. User password stored here

cat /etc/shadow

5. User information stored here

cat /etc/passwd

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Create a Group

cat /etc/passwd
groupadd test

Adding a user in a group

usermod -aG test aryan

Now, You can see the user is added in a group. You can add a user in multiple groups by using ‘-a‘.

grep test /etc/group

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That’s it. remove user  create  location in linux

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