How To Create IAM Users Account As Administrator In AWS Cloud

We can create IAM users and login as administrators in the AWS cloud. we can manage users in AWS and their role using this service. you can also create a policy and assign them to the users. 

How To Create IAM Users Account In AWS Cloud:

You can directly use this link or type ‘IAM’ in AWS search.

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Configure User Access using Username And Password:

Step 1: Find the IAM service.

Identity and Access Management -> Users

how to create iam

Now AWS allows you to access the account using two types:

  1. Programmatic access: you will be provided the Access key ID and secret access key to log in the account.
  2. AWS Management console: you will be provided a username and password to log in to the account.

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Step 2: I will give access to using the AWS Management console. If you want the user to change the password at the next login, you can check the “require password reset”.

create iam user aws

Click on Next Permission.

how to login to aws using iam user

You can choose whatever permission u want to give to the user. I will keep the default and click on Next tag.

iam user login

Click on Create user

login iam user dashboard

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Now I will create a group and named it as an administrator.

aws iam user login

I will have to attach a policy to the group. I will use the default AWS policy because I haven’t created yet.

find iam user login url

Review your policy and click on Create Group.

login as iam user

Now add the user ‘testing’ to the group administrator.

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Click on Add users to group and select the user you want to add.

Now the Administrator group has one user.

This will generate a URL to log in for user ‘testing’ and where to find it.

Identity and Access Management -> Users -> Security Credentials.

Use the console sign-in link to log in to the account.

Now you logged in with the user.

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Configure User with Programmatic Access:

Repeat steps 1 and 2.

If you want this user to add in the administrator group, select it here.

Tag a name

Finally, created a user and give this Access key and Secret access key to the user to login.

You’re done. create iam user aws login

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