How To Create Instance On LightSail Cloud Computing On AWS

We can create and launch an instance on AWS LightSail. This is very low at cost if you want to use it for a website/blog. Let’s see, how to create an instance on LightSail.

How To Create Instance On LightSail Cloud Computing On AWS

First of all, you should have an account on AWS. We can use this service for websites/blogs at very low costs and it can also be used for other purposes. Once you have registered the account. you can log in to the Amazon LightSail.

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Launch LightSail Instance:

Search the LightSail service in the search section and click on it. 

Now, we have to click on “Create Instance“.

If you want to change the Region location, you can simply click on “Change AWS Region and Availablity Zone“. By default, it will choose your country’s location.

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Select your instance image either Linux or Windows.

Next, you have to select a blueprint and you can also choose “Apps+OS” or “OS Only“. if you select the “OS only“, you will have to install the required software manually.

This is optional. if you want to launch any script, you can upload it here. you can also create an ssh key if required, otherwise, you can continue with your old keys.

instance create on lightsail

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Just click on “Create New” and then “Create” it.

aws lightsail create instance

Now you can select your instance plan, it’s free for 1 month and later it will start charging according to your plan selected.

lightsail instance

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You can change your instance name here if you want and also launch the instance more than one. we can also give a tag to our instance.

launch lightsail instance

Click on “Create Instance“. Once the instance is created. you can access it in the same way as the EC2 instance and start working on it.

That’s it.

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