How To Create New Relic Account To Get License Key

Create a New Relic Account, If you want to install New Relic on your machine. So the first thing is to know that it’s not an Open Source Monitoring tool. you can do monitoring using a new relic tool and find account id.

You will have to pay for it but you can try it for 30 days free trial. you can also monitor application that helps you find the issues.

Create a New Relic Account To Get License Key:

Step 1: Visit this site New Relic & click on Signup

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Step 2: Fill this form and click on Sign Up for New Relic

Step 3: Once the account is created & login with your credential you will see this screen.

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Step 4: Now you have to choose which product you want to install on your machine. I have chosen Infrastructure. So just click on it.

Follow the instruction to install infrastructure after installing it will look like.

Once New Relic service is up and starts gathering the Data from your server. This will display everything here.

You’re done  new relic account id monitoring

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