How To Create Pipeline For Maven Project In Jenkins

How To Create Pipeline For Maven Project This is a plugin that supports implementation & integrated continuous delivery of pipelines in Jenkins. It also an extensible set of tools for modeling simple to the complex delivery pipeline as code. We can set up a maven pipeline job in Jenkins server using a maven plugin.

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How To Create Pipeline In Jenkins:

Let’s Create a Pipeline in Jenkins,

I have already created a job here in Jenkins for Compile, Test & Packaging the code using Maven Plugins for a java project.


You have to create a build pipeline in which you will assign these all jobs. I have created with “Building Pipeline”.

The first pipeline, I created for Test_compile,

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Now come to the first figure 1 and click on Testing_compile & where you will have to click on configure.

Create Pipeline For maven

After click on configure, Now come to the post-build actions, choose “build other projects“.

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Now here you have to choose “testing_test” which was your job name in figure 1 as after running “testing_compile” in the pipeline it will start running the “testing_test”.and so on.

maven pipeline

As you can see “testing_test” has become downstream for “testing_compile” & you have to repeat these steps for another job which is shown in first figure 1.

jenkins maven plugin

I’m skipping these steps, in the end, the pipeline will show like this.

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maven job jenkins

Once Compile gets finished. This will go to the test then package.

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That’s it. maven set up jenkins create pipeline for maven

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