How To Create Route Tables In VPC Network On AWS cloud

In our previous article, we have created a VPC network and attached them with an Internet gateway. you can create a route table and perform routing with VPC networks in AWS. we can also list route tables in AWS.

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How To Create Route Tables In VPC Network On Amazon cloud:

Open the VPC network and look for route tables on the left side.

how to create table

Click on create public/private route table, give it any name and connect with your VPC network.

public route table aws

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I’m assuming it public Route tables created.

aws routing table

If you want to make it public route, You will have to add a route in  this route
created. Click on edit routes.

Public route network:

The default route is when you create a network and you can’t remove these networks.

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aws route table limits

Now add the network and choose internet gateway in target then your IGW name.

routing table with vpc

Now you have successfully created a routing table but you haven’t attached any
public subnets yet. All the servers will be public in this  subnet.

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Select the route table and go to subnet associates.

public route table

Select your public-facing subnets here and click on save.

create route table aws

In a similar way,  you can create private subnets for your network.

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We have successfully created VPC, route tables for private and public and Internet
gateway. You can now launch a server to test if you’re getting connected to the
internet or not. 

Youtube Link: Setup Route Tables

You’re done. aws routing table crea route  aws  list route tables aws

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