How To Create Security Group For Server On AWS Cloud

We can create security groups in AWS but there are limits in the security group. You can only create 5 security groups in which 50 rules can be applied per group. We can have 250 rules for a particular server. you can also call it an AWS firewall security group.

How To Create Security Group For Server On Amazon Web Service:

I have already launched the server that time I didn’t attach any security group. So, I’m creating a security group separately. You can find security section -> network & security

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how to create security

Click on Create Security Group,

I’m going to allow port 22 to ssh the server from my machine. You need to choose the “type” section and define the port. You can also define the source, in my case I’m allowing from anywhere.

I can access this server from any IP but you should not do that in your organization. You need to define the IP to whitelist or network.

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security group aws

As you can see the security group created.

aws security group limits

Now I will attach this security group to the running server. Go to the instance and click on the action -> networking -> change the security group

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aws security groups

Select your security group here and assign it.

aws firewall security group

Now access your instance using the public IP of your server.

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YouTube Link: Security Group Create In AWS

You’re done. ws firewall security group aws security groups aws security group limits s

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