Enable MySQL General Query

How To Enable MySQL General Query Log On Linux

The Server writes information to this file when the client connects and disconnects. MySQL query used to find out the error in a client and want to know what exactly the client sent to mysqld. This writes to log each … Read more

install mariadb 10 ubuntu

Step To Install Mariadb 10 Database Server On CentOS 7

By default, the MariaDB database 5.5 version will be available in Linux without any separate repository. you can install MariaDB centos using the repository and can do MariaDB show users. MariaDB is almost the same as MySQL database server in … Read more

enable mysql service linux

Install MySQL 5.6 Database Server Using Repository on Linux

If you want to install MySQL 5.6 Database server in Linux using the repository, MySQL 5.5 version would be installed from default repository  & Configure MySQL server and also enable MySQL service Linux. you will need to install MySQL client.  … Read more

installation of workbench using package

How To Install MySQL Workbench 8.0.16 On Ubuntu

Step to install workbench Ubuntu and if you get install MySQL workbench connection error while establishing the DB connection. you can change permission, password, and much more. MySQL workbench GUI helps you a lot to reduce your daily task by … Read more

how to enable slow query in mysql

How To Enable Slow Query In MySQL Server In Linux

If you know how to enable slow query in MySQL it’s easy to setup. It can help you analyze the database server response time. you can enable and check a slow query log when you configure with a single command … Read more

how to check slow query in mysql

Check MySQL Slow Queries In Mysql Database Server

Check MySQL Slow Queries  You can use the command to check running slow queries in MySQL. Sometimes we face issues in database response time one of the causes may be as slow queries are running in MySQL. There are many … Read more

mysql connection error

Solve MySQL Too Many Connections Error On Redhat 7

It can be as when a client tries to connect MySQL server then request if it’s rejected or not connected and received an error “Mysql too many connections“ to the server has been reached. we can also set max connections … Read more

MyISAM Table Maintenance

MyISAM Table Maintenance and Crash Recovery On Linux

MyISAM Table Maintenance and Crash Recovery MyISAM Table Maintenance, that’s a default storage engine for MySQL server and InnoDB is also a storage engine. This supports three different storage format. we check and repair crashed table when using the MyISAM … Read more