Deploy war Application on Tomcat Server on Redhat 7

You can deploy a tomcat war application using the shell script as well. you can also use the war file location then start the server. it will automatically be deployed.

when you put the war under the webapps location then you just need to start the server service. you can see how it’s deploying the file in the catalina.out log file. you must have java installed on the server to run the application and other software installed based on your application.

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Deploy war Application on Server:

you can also set the custom log file to identify the errors in the application deployment. This will help you to find the issue in your running code and later you can fix them.

Once you deployed the apps, you will see the message “server up in a few secs” means your app is deployed successfully.

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Sample file

Deploy war Application on

Move the Sample file to where tomcat is installed & put the war file under webapps folder.

deploy war in tomcat


war file location tomcat

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First of all, You must have a sample of war file on your server in order to test the application on Tomcat server & test it on the browser with serverip:port/filename

shell script to deploy

YouTube Link: Deploy Application

That’s it shell script to deploy war file location tomcat

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