Jenkins Version

How To Check Jenkins Server Version Using Command on Linux

How To Check Jenkins Version installed on your Linux machine So there is only one way to find it if you have installed Jenkins...
Configure docker

How To Uninstall Docker CE from Redhat/CentOS 7

How To Uninstall Docker ubuntu, I have already installed Docker Community Edition on centos or rhel machine as it’s free for centos flavor. You...
docker devicemapper

Docker Error Creating Overlay Mount To Invalid Argument

Docker Error Creating Overlay, If you’re facing an issue related to Docker storage driver type like “/usr/bin/docker-current: Error response from daemon: error creating overlay...
check running container

How To Check Running Container In Docker Machine

It’s pretty easy how to check running containers in dockers. I will show you Both running & Stopped container. we can list all stopped...
Default port change jenkins

Change Jenkins Default Port To Access On CentOS 7

You can change the default Jenkins port in the configuration file in the centos. By default, Jenkins uses the port number 8080. If you need...
ansible tower installation

Solve Ansible Package dependencies On Redhat 7

If you get any problem in installing Ansible on the RedHat system, you need to solve ansible package dependencies if you install ansible on...
Ldap service not known

LDAP Error Getaddrinfo Name or Service Not known In Gitlab

LDAP Error Getaddrinfo Name, You will face this issue when you do not have a DNS Server or you didn’t make an entry in...
Check health docker

How To Monitor Health of a Running Container In Docker

This is very important to check the health of running containers in docker as you can monitor all the resources like Memory, CPU &...
memory swap disabled

Docker Memory Limit Should Be Smaller Than Already Set Memory Swap 

Docker Memory limit should, If you’re facing this issue when you’re trying to increase the Docker Container Memory allocation size, So this error will...
mount same volume

How To Mount Same Volume To Multiple Container In Docker

Suppose, I have an apache container running and I need to create more apache containers using the same data volumes. The mounted drive name...