kubernetes single node cluster centos 7

Install Single Master Kubernetes Using Kubectl On CentOS 7

WKubernetes is an Open Source Orchestration tool that helps in Automate deploying, Scaling & managing Container Applications. Kubernetes install on Single Node Master server...
How To Mount Volume

How To Mount Volume To Apache Container In Docker

Mount Volume in a container is very important if you want to save your data files. Suppose because of some reason your container stopped...

How To Update Jenkins Version Using rpm In Linux

Jenkins is an open-source tool for software development widely used in today’s world. I have already installed version 2.121.3 & how to update and...
hostname access in gitlab

How To Change Gitlab IP URL With Hostname In Linux

How To Change Gitlab IP URL, If you want to access Gitlab Server with hostname instead of IP address, So it can be done. You...
kubernetes kubeadm high availability

How To Configure Master Kubernetes With Worker Node On Linux

We’ve already written an article to setup the single master node. we’re going to configure Master and worker node on Linux. We can also...

Deploy Container Using Docker Swarm Cluster On Linux

In our previous article, we have installed and configure the docker worker nodes. Now I’m going to deploy the container using docker swarm. You...
Create container in docker

How To Create Container In Docker-CE On CentOS 7

How To Create a Container using commands and inspect the docker container image. You can also list all the docker containers using an image....
git commands

Useful Git Command For Admin and Developers On Linux

Useful Git Command For Admin and Developers On Linux We’ve shown you the useful Git command where you can commit, push, add files, and also...
jenkins setup role based

Configure Role Based User Access In Jenkins Server On Linux

Jenkins user permissions Linux on security purposes because if there are no roles defined, any user can run builds of other projects. you can...
mount same volume

How To Mount Same Volume To Multiple Container In Docker

Suppose, I have an apache container running and I need to create more apache containers using the same data volumes. The mounted drive name...