kubernetes single node cluster centos 7

Install Single Master Kubernetes Using Kubectl On CentOS 7

WKubernetes is an Open Source Orchestration tool that helps in Automate deploying, Scaling & managing Container Applications. Kubernetes install on Single Node Master server using minikube but we will install kubectl on Centos. Check Out: Kubernetes Repo: Problem with the … Read more

Kubernetes Repo Problem with

Kubernetes Repo Problem with the SSL CA Certificate

By default, Kubernetes creates self-sign certificates for your machine and runs on localhost using the URL given at the time of installation. There’re many ways to set up the Kubernetes in the Linux machine. If you face any issue like … Read more

How To Add Docker

How To Add Docker Host To Rancher Server In Linux

In our previous article, we have installed a rancher server on CentOS 7 machine As a single container(Non-HA). If you don’t add any external database, it has its own database. Now check How To Add Docker Host in Rancher. We … Read more

docker devicemapper

Docker Error Creating Overlay Mount To Invalid Argument

Docker Error Creating Overlay, If you’re facing an issue related to Docker storage driver type like “/usr/bin/docker-current: Error response from daemon: error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/7e9da3eaf646f3060f2a6be2fe3e677207e75e49662dfaf04c5c02396106509d-init/merged: invalid argument.”. When you face error response from daemon and issue with docker … Read more

service failed to start

Docker Service Failed To Start Issue On CentOS 7

Docker Service Failed To start, I just installed Docker on Centos machine when I start the docker service. It’s not getting started. systemctl start docker Docker Service Start to Failed In Linux: Error: “Job for docker.service failed because the control … Read more

Apache dockerffile

Create Apache Docker Image Using Dockerfile In Linux

Create an apache docker image using dockerfile, Docker’s now most widely used container virtualization. It helps us to decrease IT cost and we can run multiple containers in a single Operating System. you can also create apache dockerfile in centos. … Read more

How To Mount Volume

How To Mount Volume To Apache Container In Docker

Mount Volume in a container is very important if you want to save your data files. Suppose because of some reason your container stopped working then how will you get your data from the container. That not possible without Volume … Read more

Gitlab backup path

Change Gitlab Backup Path Location In Gitlab Server

Change the Gitlab Backup Path location from default to a new destination folder. So you will have to follow these steps. Gitlab change file location with backup the command line. Check Out: Install SSL Certificate in Gitlab Change Gitlab Backup … Read more