problem accessing jenkins not found

How To Solve Jenkins HTTP Error 404 On Redhat / CentOS

Solve Error Jenkins HTTP 404. We have already install Jenkins on RedHat. we were getting a problem with HTTP error 404 while accessing the Jenkins response request and Jenkins URL not found. How To Solve Jenkins HTTP Error 404: When … Read more

linux jenkins install rpm

Install Jenkins Continuous integration Tool On Redhat/CentOS 7

Install Jenkins Continuous integration Tool Install Jenkins Continuous integration, Jenkins is an Open Source automation server that is written in java. It helps us to automate software development with Continuous integration. We can install Jenkins on Linux using an rpm … Read more

Memory container

Manually Assign Memory Size To Docker Container In Linux

We can manually assign and allocate memory size or usage to a docker container usage. you can find the statistics of running docker container using the single command docker stats container_name –no-stream. Manually Assign Memory Size: Once we have setup … Read more

data copy from host to docker

Copy Data From Docker Host In a Running Container

If you want to copy data from the docker host in a running container, So it can be done with ‘cp‘ command in docker. You can copy the folder and file it in the container. you don’t need to find … Read more