How To Disable Sign-in restrictions On Gitlab Server

How To Disable Sign-in option, If you want only the user should be authenticated from AD Server, You won’t find any GitLab admin area and page URL if you’ve authenticated with AD. You can use GitLab sign in the terminal.

Once you have done it, you can log in with your AD credentials and check whether it’s working fine with these settings. you can also do this for security purposes because all the users will be authenticated from the AD server. Nobody can now log in without valid credentials.

How To Disable Sign-in restrictions On Gitlab Server:

When you configured settings, you might not be able to login with admin because you need to create the admin user.

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you might be thinking of not to allow login with default gitlab interface.
you can hide it from gitlab but you will need gitlab admin user. So you
can also disable the sign-in option in the Gitlab Server.

You need to log in with Admin user and follow the below steps

Click on Settings And look for Sign-in Restriction

gitlab admin page url

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Click on Expand and unchecked both Password Authentication.

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Save settings and go back to your login page you will see only LDAP authentication will be there.

YouTube Link: Disable Sign-in Gitlab

You’re done  sign in gitlab terminal gitlab admin area gitlab admin page url disable sign-in option gitlab

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