Docker Can’t Remove ‘/var/lib/docker/containers’ : Resource Busy

Docker Can’t Remove ‘/var/lib/docker/containers’: Device Or Resource Busy

Docker Can’t Remove /var/lib/docker and docker cp resource busy, you will also get a docker error response from the daemon and cannot connect to the container. If you’re facing this issue of docker it won’t let you as it’s already mounted. Run the following commands to troubleshoot about docker.

Once you remove this container from that location only you will be able to run or crate any docker container in the Linux. This is because docker is busy or resources being utilized somewhere. you just have to remove them and start creating containers and deploy them.

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rm -rf /var/lib/docker/

Docker Can't Remove

Locate the process

lsof +D /var/lib/docker/

docker cannot connect

if you found something here so look into it but I didn’t find anything here

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Check process is running using ps -ef

ps -ef | grep docker

docker resource busy

There is no docker process is running. Finally, check where it’s mounted

mount | grep docker

 docker cp resource busy

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Unmounted this docker Container

umount /var/lib/docker/containers

unmount docker container

Then try 

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rm -rf /var/lib/docker/

docker remove

You’re done docker cp resource busy docker cannot connect error response from daemon

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