Docker Memory Limit Should Be Smaller Than Already Set Memory Swap 

Docker Memory limit should, If you’re facing this issue when you’re trying to increase the Docker Container Memory allocation size, So this error will come when u didn’t specify the memory size of a container when u created it. You can find docker memory requirements and also check docker stats memory usage and CPU. so

Error: Memory limit should be smaller than already set memory swap limit, update the memory swap at the same time.

Docker Memory limit should be smaller:

you can define memory size when you’re going to create the docker container using the command line interface. 

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docker update -m 400m phpmem

docker increase memory linux

Now you have to do this to increase the container memory. You just have to disable the Memory Swap Limit on the container.

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Disable Memory Swap Limit

–memory-swap = -1

docker update -m 200m –memory-swap -1 phpmem

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You may check now.

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You’re done docker memory requirements docker cpu usage docker stats memory usage docker container memory allocation

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