How To Download Specific Version of Any image In Docker

Let’s talk about how to download a specific version of any image in the docker using the docker pull command. you can also create a Dockerfile where you define your requirement and it will start its work. you can use this image later to create more docker containers with the same configuration.

How To Download Specific Version:

This work reduces your time because everything is already configured and ready to make containers using those images. There’s another way to create the same container. you can create a new container using the running one and later stopped the current one.

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We can also use Docker swarm services to create replicas of running containers for high availability of it. you can create these files using the docker swarm where you can define replicas and all other information to have a container more than one.

we can also pull the images with version if you don't specify it, docker
pulls the latest image with tag.
Whenever you try to pull the image of any package without specifying 
the version then docker starts downloading the latest version from the
docker hub.
If you need a particular version of that image so you will have to do it
in this way. I will show you here both ways to pull the images.

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Pull an image of PHP without Specifying the version

docker pull php

how to download specific

The above command has downloaded the latest PHP version 7.2 with tag latest as shown in the figure.

pull image in docker

Pull an image of PHP with Specifying the version

docker pull php:7.0

pull specific image

As you can see now you have PHP 7.0 version.

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In the same way, you can download the specific version of the images.

docker pull package_name:version

YouTube Link: Download Specific Version of an Image

You’re done pull image in docker docker specific version image

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