How To Edit Hosts File For Changes In Windows 7/10

How to edit and change the hosts’ files in the Windows operating system. Suppose if you don’t have a DNS server configured and you need to get resolving between the servers, So we can make an entry in this file to resolve.

How To Edit Hosts With Notepad:

We can also block websites using these file and we just need to define the IP
against those websites. It won’t let you edit the file directly and save. You need
administrator rights to perform this task. 

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When we make an entry in this file, we don’t need to do anything to take effect on the machine. whenever you will open that block website first it will read the files entry if the website name is listed as blocked, so it won’t open the website.

In another way, it’s acting like a firewall for your machine where you’re controlling the traffic and blocking access to particular websites.

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Simply open notepad with administrator rights. 

how to edit hosts

Go to this path and click on open.

edit hosts file

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Simply make changes whatever you want here.

And save the file.

If you don’t have admin permissions, you can open the files and make an entry then save it somewhere. we can replace this saved file with the original one. 

That’s it.edit hosts file windows change

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