EFS Mount Issue “Failed To Resolve Server: Name or Service Not Known”

EFS Mount Issue “Failed To Resolve Server: Name or Service Not Known”

When you face EFS mount issues on EC2 when you create it in the AWS cloud. you can mount this file system to any number of EC2 instances. 

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To resolve this issue, you have to follow the below solutions. so

Step 1: Start the rcpbind service so

 service rpcbind restart

service nfs restart

NFS service is failed but you have to make sure the EFS mount target should be in the same availability zone.

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Once the above task is done, you need to check DNS should be enabled in your VPC Network.

Click on Edit DNS hostname and resolutions.

Click on enable and save the settings.

efs issue aws

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Once it’s done, The output will look like below.

aws efs issues

Now restart the rpcbind and nfs service.

mount efs on ec2

Make an entry in /etc/exports & find the EFS IP address from Storage -> EFS then select your EFS

aws efs create

vim /etc/exports


And save the file.

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You will be able to mount the EFS file system.

You’re done Efs mount issues create aws ec2

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