How To Enable And Disable htaccess In Apache Web Server

How to enable and disable htaccess files provides a way to make configuration on a per-directory basis. you can create htaccess file when you running a website using CMS tools. All the rules and configurations will be kept in this file and how to find htaccess file because this is a hidden file in the directory. you can easily write htaccess file when you have server access otherwise you can also make changes from Yoast plugins. 

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Where a file containing one or more configuration directives, is placed in a particular document directory and then it applies to that directory or subdirectories.

How To Enable and Disable htaccess In Apache:

You should use .htaccess file but when you don’t have access to the main server configuration file. 

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Note: You must have .htaccess file on your server. If you want to control configuration through that files.

So, You can define these codes between the Virtual-host and define the directory paths according to your needs.

Disable .htaccess in Apache

<Directory “/vaw/www”>
Allowoverride none

Enable .htaccess in Apache

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<Directory “/vaw/www/html”>
Allowoverride all

That’s itcreate htaccess file how to find htaccess write htaccess file write rules in htaccess

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