How To Enable Instant Articles To Monetize Your Contents

We can monetize our website content using Facebook instant article publishing tools. We can also enable instant articles to monetization our content using Facebook tools.

How To Enable Instant Articles To Monetize Your Contents:

You can use these links to sign up the instant articles and then Select your page.

Enable Instant Articles

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Now click on Access instant articles tools.

monetize your content

Next Step and click on continue

facebook article monetization

Now you will have to perform these tasks.

You can set the roles on-page when clicking on roles on the page where you can make someone to handle your page and There’s an app for Facebook pages you can download and manage your posts.

Once you completed the above tasks then Click on Authorize your site. you will have to put your website URL to verify from Facebook.

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If you’re not able to put the code in your index.html file. You can install the Instant Articles plugin for WordPress. Click on Install and activate the plugin.

Once installed and activated. Now click on Instant article on the left side of your
WordPress site and put your Facebook Page ID.

Here’re lots of options available you can use whatever you want.

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Once you have set up the settings of the instant article and come back to instant article tools on your FB page. Enter your website name and submit the URL.

It will take 3 or 4 days process to verify the domain.

You’re done. monetize your content facebook instant article monetization

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