Error Failed to load SElinux Policy freezing On Redhat/CentOs 7

Error Failed to load, Selinux is a Linux kernel security module that provides a mechanism of access control security. By default on RedHat, It’s in Enforcing mode. we can solve SELinux policy freezing or freeze at boot time in centos.

When you make changes to SELinux using the command line or configuration file. you have to take a reboot of the server. you can troubleshoot by putting the SELinux on permissive mode where you don’t need to reboot the machine.

Error Failed to load SELinux Policy freezing :

To make it permanent disabled, you will have to reboot the machine. SELinux is an advanced level of security introduce by Redhat Linux. we should not disable and we can use its label to set on a particular service with the help of semanage.

Error Failed to load

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This Error Comes when you have executed the wrong Selinux autorelabel command while resetting the root password.

The solution to this Issue:

Step 1: Reboot the Linux machine, then interrupt the booting process by pressing ‘e‘.

selinux freeze boot

Now Look for a line Linux 16 and place selinux=0 between initrd16 as shown in figure then press ‘ctrl x‘ to reboot the machine.

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Step 2: It will reboot the system twice then you will see it won't be stuck on Failed to
load security policy.

You’re done selinux freeze boot failed selinux policy freezing centos

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