Error Internet Explorer Icon Missing In Windows 7/10

Error Internet Explorer Icon missing, you’re not able to find internet explorer icon on your system or it’s not visible in startup program here is the solution for it. when an internet explorer icon or image disappeared in windows.

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This can be found in the installation directory in c: drive where all the software is installed.

Error Internet Explorer Icon Missing In Windows 7/10:

You can open an internet setting by typing inetcpl.cpl command in run.

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Error Internet Explorer Icon












Now I’m going to show you how to find the Internet Explorer icon in your system.

Type c:\program files in a run then click ok

internet explorer icon missing

Look for an internet explorer folder and click on it.

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Right-click on iexplorer icon and send it to desktop.

You will see the internet explorer icon on your desktop screen.

That’s it.  internet explorer icon image explorer icon disappeared

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