Error Job For Postgresql.service failed On Redhat 7

Error job for PostgreSQL, If you face this issue on your server means you need to check the status of your database server and logs to resolve this issue asap. PostgreSQL service failed or not found and you will have to initialize the database then you can connect to the Postgres database.

Once the database initialized then try to start the service and it will be running. you can also check the PID created at this location /var/run/. you can also manually create service if it does not work for you.

Error Job For Postgresql.service failed:

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In my case, I found I did not initialize the database that is why I got 
this error postgresql.service failed.

So, you need to initialize the PostgreSQL server first then start the service.

Step 1: To initialize the database command is

postgresql-setup initdb            # PostgreSQL Version 9.x

Error Job For Postgresql

Another command is

service postgresql initdb           # Redhat Version 6.x

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Step 2: Now try to start PostgreSQL server

systemctl start postgresql

postgresql service not found

That’s it.postgresql service not found initialize database postgresql connect to postgres 

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