Error rpmdb Open Failed On Running Yum Clean On Linux

Error rpmdb open failed, Sometimes when you start a system try to run the command yum clean all And you found that another process is running. In that case, you just have to kill the PID of the yum Process. you can repair the corrupted rpm database using the package and correct yum the rpm error and rebuild the rpmdb.

Error Rpmdb Open Failed On running yum clean

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we can also verify the integrity of rpm packages using the below commands. This will check the packages which are actual packages provided by the Redhat Enterprises.

cd /var/lib/rpm 
/usr/lib/rpm/rpmdb_verify Packages

Finding Yum Process ID

ps -ef | grep yum

Then kill the process using the below command.

kill -9 processid

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There is another issue you will find when you run that command is rpm open failed.

Error Rpmdb Open Failed

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if you get this error in this case you just have to rebuild the rpm database, run the below command.

rpmdb --rebuilddb
rebuild rpm database

After that run the yum clean all command you will not get this error.

rpm repair package

You’re done  rrpm repair package rpm database is corrupted yum rpm error so

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