Error SOSREPORT Command Not Found On Redhat/CentOS

Error SOSREPORT Command Not Found If you face any issue in running sosreport command in Linux like sosreport command not found because There’s no package installed for running sosreport command.  you can install sos rpm package which is used for sosreport analysis in Linux as well as Centos. so

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rpm package for sosreport

Error SOSREPORT Command Not Found: 

Step 1: If the SOS package is not installed use this command to install. so

yum install sos -y

Now you have to find where this command located by command so

which sosreport

Step 2: Now verify the above path not exist in the $PATH of the user. If you get no output means the path is not available.

echo $PATH

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NOTE: Run the above command as the user getting the “command not found” error.

Step 3: Now you will have to edit $HOME/.bash_profile to set the environment variable.

vim $HOME/.bashrc_profile

Add these line mentioned below

export PATH

Save and exit.

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Step 4: Now load the source the new bash profile

source $HOME /.bashrc_profile

That’s it linux sosreport analysis rpm package for sosreport centos

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