Windows Explorer Is not responding Stuck in windows

At first, you might be seen that Windows Explorer is not responding on your computer systems such as programs not responding or Program has stopped working message could be many and now try to troubleshoot. Internet Explorer not opening and hidden or stuck in windows. You can fix internet explorer not opening and do it by using the below solutions.

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Windows Explorer is not

Windows Explorer is not responding in windows:

There are many reasons for it:

1. This can be caused by virus-infected your system

2. A program not getting enough resources to run the application

3. CPU taking lots of usages

4. Not enough ram to run the process

5. Running too many application in the background

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fix internet explorer not

Force program to close the application using right-click on it and go to process.

Windows Explorer is not

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Click on End process

Here are some few tips :

  1. Restart your system and see if it works
  2. Try to scan your system with adwcleaner it’s very good.
  3. Scan your system in safe mode by pressing the f8 key before the system reboots. 

You’re done.nternet explorer not opening fix internet explorer not internet explorer hidden explorer stuck in windows

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