features of redhat 8

Features of Redhat 8 Beta Version Released

Features of RedHat 8 Recently, Redhat release rhel 8 beta version officially That’s now available on red-hat official site. Here I will tell you what they made changes in the new rhel 8 beta version. let’s fine, features of RedHat 8 Linux and release date. so

1. Application Stream: It’s to deliver userspace packages more simple & with great flexibility. It means user-space can now be updated more quickly than core operating system packages & without waiting for another version to come. You can do this via the application stream. so

2. Networking: Supports for networking in Container through IPVLAN connecting the container nested in a virtual machine to a network host. so

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This also includes new TCP/IP stack with Bandwidth and round-trip propagation time(BBR) congestion which enables higher performance, minimized latency & decreased packets loss. so

3. Security: OpenSSL 1.1.1 & TLS 1.3 are supported & System-wide cryptographic policies are also included. so

4. Linux Container: Red-hat included lightweight Open standard-based container toolkit naming as Buildah (container building), Podman (running container) & Skopeo (sharing/finding container) which will help the developer to find, run, build & share containerized Applications. so

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5. File system and storage: Stratis, a volume-managing file system & file system snapshots provide for a faster way of conducting file-levels tasks, saving space by consuming new storage when data is changed. so

Also, support for LUKSv2 to encrypt on-disk data combined with NBDE.

That’s it. linux 8 features release date redhat 


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