How To Find New Relic License Key In Relic Account

If you’re not able how to find a New Relic License key, I will show you where from you can get this. you can find a new relic license key and also create an account where you will get it. so

This is not an open-source monitoring tool. you can use trail this for 2 weeks if you find it good for your infrastructure then you can buy the key and upgrade the license key to an enterprise.

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This tool can help you to find out lots of errors that are occurring in your applications and you can also monitor your apps based on java programming languages and more. you just have to install an agent on the server it will fetch all the details automatically.

How To Find New Relic License:

You will have to log in to the account then you will configure the setup using those agents and will see the application statistics on the URL.

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Step 1: First you need to login to your account.

how to find New

Step 2: Click on Account Settings

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new relic license key

Step 3: After clicking on Account Settings, You will see account information, You will see your license key here.

create new relic account

That’s it.

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