Find Out Why GET Command Not Found Installed In Linux

I was trying to run the GET to figure out whether the Elastic-search is running in the background then I found it’s not installed. you can install get command when not found on centos Linux. so

This also used to send the request to the webserver and the local file system. The requested content for POST and PUT is read from stdin. There’re lots of options available you can use any of them according to your needs and mostly used in webservers.

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Sometimes you will it installed but in most cases, it’s not installed. you have to do it on your own. you can easily get the packages from RedHat. It’s an open-source package. This is a very useful command when you’re troubleshooting the web server on the Linux machine.

Find Out Why GET Command Not Found:

Once you found the problem you can easily solve them. you can also use PUT and POST command these two are also very useful.

So I Find Out Why to GET Command was not installed on centos because 
package was not installed.

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Find Out Why GET Command

This package should be installed on your machine GET command.

Yum install perl-libwww-perl-6.05-2.el7.noarch -Y

After installing this package simply run the below command. This will give you some output.

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GET ""

That’s it. get command not found centos install get command linux

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