Find Stolen Device Location With Prey Tool In Ubuntu

Prey is an open-source, cross-platform which helps you to find stolen devices including laptops, mobiles, and more. This is a very popular tool available as free. The installation and configuration of this tool are very easy. you can also locate my device and find my lost phone location. you can also trace the phone location just install the app in the device or you can check the status online by logging the site.

You can also find your lost phone and locate my device using this tool. Let’s see, how to install prey in ubuntu.

First of all, you need to install prey packages in your machine to protect it from stolen and find the location. 

Find Stolen Device Location With Prey Tool In Ubuntu:

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sudo apt install prey

install prey

if you don’t find this from applications, so you can go to the path below to open this prey software. This is also available for Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. By visiting, Prey website you can configure only 3 devices in the free version if you need more devices to get the track, So you can buy it.

sudo /usr/lib/prey/versions/1.9.1/lib/conf/gui/linux/

Create a new user here and click on forward.

After Signup with a new user, now login to the account.

Find Stolen Device Location

You will get a message your computer is protected by prey then click on “ok”.

find device location

Create a Prey account and login with your credentials to add the device. 

find your device

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Next, set this device to missing and you will receive an email.

find my lost phone

Now test this Settings, click on the device goes missing and you will receive an email about it. fi

Check your email id and must be getting report information about the missing device.

phone location

Prey has tracked your device and you may check the report by click on on it.

track lost phone

That’s it.f ind device location Find Stolen Device Location  trace phone location

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