Gitlab Error 502 While accessing the Gitlab On Browser

Gitlab Error 502 While, Gitlab is a web-based Git-repository manager that provides issue tracking and CI/CD pipeline feature using a free license. when you face the Gitlab web interface not working or error. You can also change the Gitlab web interface to the port.

Gitlab Error 502 While accessing the Gitlab:

This problem I have faced when you don’t have proper hardware requirements.

Follow these link to know more about System Requirement

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You will face this issue as of resources you use it’s not enough to handle the Gitlab. It needs at least 6GB RAM and 2 core CPU hardware requirements.

Gitlab Error 502 While

Once you have enough hardware resources you won’t face this issue. If still you face this issue make sure there is only Nginx running as Gitlab uses Nginx by default & uninstall if there is any other web server is running.

gitlab-ctl stop

If the issue still persists, try to change unicorn port in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file

Look for unicorn[ ‘port’ ] = 8080

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Change this default port with a new one and run below commands

gitlab-ctl reconfigure
gitlab-ctl restart

gitlab web interface

Now check it’s listening on the new port or not by lsof -i:port

You’re done port gitlab not working gitlab web interface error 

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