apache redirect not working

Gitlab Server Redirection For 

Gitlab Server Redirection For, I have already configured the SSL certificate in gitlab. If you’re not able to install you may check it here. Install the SSL Certificate in Gitlab. you can configure apache redirection rules for HTTP to HTTPS and permanent redirect but sometimes it will not work. you can also disable https redirect using apache.

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you can also use a free Letsencrypt certificate for your gitlab server and easy to configure and you would be needed a domain. 

Let’s begin

Note: You must have installed the SSL certificate

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Add Port in firewall

firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=443/tcp

firewall-cmd –reload

Gitlab Server Redirection For 

Go to the gitlab file

vim /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

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Look for External_url, the default will be pointed to http://ip/hostname

Changed to https

apache redirection rules

And after changing the URL to https, run the below commands,

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

That’s it apache redirection rules apache redirect not working redirect http to https apache redirect permanent disable https apache

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