How To Access Linux Server Using PPK Key From Winscp

You can access Server when you have a PPK key available on the server. Why is This? it’s when you do not want to give root access to a server. Let’s see how to access the Linux server using WinSCP. you can configure WinSCP for access to the Linux server using an ssh key. You can also generate an ssh key for Linux and then putty the Linux server.

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How To Access Linux Server Using PPK Key From Winscp:

You can also use this key for downloading and uploading the files on Server using Winscp. you must have converted the PEM key to PPK using the puttygen software available. This simply converts your files and lets you save it as PPK format so you can use it to log in.

Open Winscp and put the server details.

How To Access Linux

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Now you need to load the PPK from where you have kept it.

putty generate ssh key

Now login

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configure winscp for linux

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You’re done. access linux server ssh putty generate ssh key ssh linux on winscp configure winscp for linux

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