How To Access RDS Database From Windows Server On AWS

We can create an AWS rds database instance and launched windows. Let’ see, how to access the rds database.

How To Access RDS Database From Windows Server On AWS

First of all, we need to create a windows server on AWS. I will show you free-tier access to an RDS database.

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Create an RDS Database with Free-tier:

Open the “RDS database” service and create a “MySQL database” engine. You can use any other database engine according to yours.

We can choose any database creation method:

Standard Create: if you select this method, you need to configure the database itself like availability, security, and backup.

Easy Create: you don’t need to do anything at your end. AWS will do the basic required settings for you.

Select your “Database Engine“. I have selected “Mysql”.

Select the “Mysql version”.

Select the “free-tier” template.

Give a “Database Server name”.

Set the “password” to access the database. you can also change the username.

Select “Instance type“.

Select “Storage type” for your database. you will get two storage types here: “General Purpose (SSD)” and “provisioned IOPS“.

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We can see the storage autoscaling option is available means if you set the “Maximum storage threshold” then it will atomically increase the size of storage for your database.

You won’t get the “Multi-AZ” option in free-tier. When you enable it, this will create a replica of your MySQL database instance on standby in another availability zone but you can’t access it.

When your primary database is still healthy. Once your database instances go down then the standby server will automatically become the primary database.

Configure VPC Network:

Select “VPC Network” and choose Public accessible to “NO” because in free-tier it won’t allow you to create with public access.

Select your “Security Group” and “availability zoneyou can also change the database port.

Select the “Database Authentication” method.

If you want to create a database atomically when your instance launched. you can define it here.

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You can schedule the “auto-backup” at the particular window. Retention period means you can keep the database for these days and we can have a maximum database for 35 days.

We can enable “Monitoring” and “Database logs” as you can see below.

You can also attach “IAM”. if you have created and we can also enable the auto maintenance of the instance. AWS will automatically upgrade the minor changes.

Select “Instance delete protection”.

AWS also provides you the total cost of the instance before launching it. you won’t see the cost in free-tier.

Now click on “Create Database” and it will take some time. you can see the Database instance has been launched.

Install Web Platform Installer:

I’m assuming you have already launched the windows server. we need to download the Web Platform Installer” and install it.

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Once you downloaded the setup then run it to install. we need to “Accept the license agreement“.

Follow the instruction and click on “Finish“.

When it’s installed, open it and you can find it in a search “Web platform installer“.

Click on “Application” and search for “MySQL“.

Click on “Add” and install it.

Set the “Password” here and click on “Continue“.

create new database in rds instance

Accept the terms and conditions.

rds database instance

It will start the installation.

how to create database in rds instance

Click on “Finish”.

aws rds create database

Once the installation is finished. you can copy the Endpoint of the Database instance.

how to connect to aws rds mysql

We also need to open the port 3306 in the firewall rules.

rds database in aws

Open the command prompt and type the below command to access the database instance.

mysql -h databaseendpoint -u admin -p

how to connect rds database in aws

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When you logged into the database and you can check the database which you have created at the time of database launched. launch windows rds

launch windows rds

Once you have checked it then you can “Delete the instance”. 

 how to install web platform installer on windows server 2012

That’s it. Launch windows rds create a database aws

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