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How To Add Host In a Rancher Server

In our previous article, we have installed rancher server on CentOS 7 machine As a single container(Non HA). If you don’t add any external database, it has own database.

Location of Rancher Container is /var/lib/docker/containers/2e907d74ff3d8246e

Minimum Requirement:

1. Recommended CPU w/ AES-NI

2. 1GB RAM

3. Able to communicate with a Rancher server via http or https.

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Add Host in Rancher

Go to your rancher server and click on infrastructure –> hosts

I’m using the same host where Rancher is installed & Click on Save.

After clicking on save. You will see this window

Points to remember :

  • You can add a different machine where all the containers are running. I’m using the same machine.

  • Make sure if there is any firewall, You need to allow traffic from and to all other hosts on UDP ports 500 and 4500 (IPSec networking)

  • Specify the public ip of the server where containers are running.

  • Copy and paste the code on registered host with rancher then All the container will be in Rancher Server.

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Agent launched Now.

Docker ps

You will see both container which were created on this docker/Rancher server. Now it’s showing up.

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In the Same way, you can add more docker container and hosts where Docker containers are running.

You’re done



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