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How To Apply SSL Certificate On Load Balancer On Amazon Cloud

In our previous article, we have configured the Load Balancer on the amazon cloud. I’m assuming you have configured it. we can install the SSL certificate on the load balancer in AWS. Let’s see how to apply SSL in the AWS cloud.

The SSL and TLS both use X.509 certificates to authenticate both the client and backend applications. if you have a Load Balancer in front of your servers, you must have to implement it.

When you deploy the certificate, ensure the certificate must be in same region as a load balancer. AWS recommends deploying SSL using Amazon Certificate Manager(ACM).

You can check out here how to create a CSR file. I’m supposing you have your all certificates files. so

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Click on Load balancer then listeners

how to apply ssl

Right now I have already added protocol HTTP with 80 port to listen to the load balancer but I want to load balancer listen on port 443 instead of port 80. In that case, you will have to apply the SSL certificate on the Load balancer. if you face any issue, port 443 should be whitelisted in the firewall rules. so

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Click on Edit

ssl load balancer aws

Click on change

install ssl on load balancer

Here you can put those key values which you have received from your service provider and save it.

You’re done aws ssl certificate ssl load balancer aws ner name docke install ssl on load balancer r rename change

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