How to assign manually or statically IP address to system in windows

The IP address helps to recognize the systems. That’s a unique 32bits address assign to the machine. I will show you how to assign manually IP address to a Windows machine. how to change IP and assign static IP addresses in the windows machine.

Why assigning static IP addresses to the machine? because this IP address won’t be changed when your machine will be restarted. when the IP address is automatically assigned using DHCP then it will be changed. this is the reason to have a static IP address in the servers. 

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How to assign manually or statically IP address to the system in windows:

The dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) allows your machine to get an IP address automatically. you do not need to do it manually like a Static IP address.

Click on Network and Sharing Center and click on Local area connection.

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Click on properties and choose IPv4 addresses.

In my case, I have assigned randomly IP address just to make you understand how to do this.

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Click on Ok.

That’s it. how to change ip

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