How To Attach EBS Volume Without Reboot In AWS Cloud

This is a block-level device that can be attached to a running server for primary storage and see how to add and create EBS volume in AWS Cloud. In this volume, we keep the data and you don’t worry about the data. It’s always available even your server crashed. we can create a new server and then attach this to the new server. 

How To Attach EBS Without Reboot In AWS Cloud:

I will show you the current disk available in the Linux server using lsblk

how to attach ebs

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Now I will add an additional 2GB disk from EBS -> Volume -> Create Volume s

create ebs volume aws

Click on a tag to assign a name to it and click on Create Volume so

create ebs volume

Volume Created so

ebs volume add

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Now Select the newly created volume and attach it to with your running instance. soso

Search your instance here and select it then click on Attach.

You can see 2GB volume now attached to your running instance.

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If you want to Deatach this volume from your instance just simply click on Action -> Detach

Now the Volume will be Detached from the instance and you can only attach one
EBS volume to a single instance if you want to attach the same volume to another
instance then you will have to detach from there and then attach it to the new
instance. You can’t delete the volume until you detach it.

You’re done. ebs volume aws create 

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