How To Block Ads In Google Chrome Using Group Policy

How To Block Ads In Google Chrome Using Group Policy

You can manage your google chrome settings using group policy in windows servers. I will and see how to block ads on all the websites. you can install google chrome admx extensions and block ads using group policy as well AdBlock. You need to install the chrome extension using GPO.

When you’re removing ads in google chrome and we can easily block ads from google chrome free using the group policy.

You need to have an ad blocker extension using the group policy. You 
must have a chrome ADMX file and need to upload it on the server.

You can download the files from here.

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Once you download the files, you need to open the ADM or ADMX templates.

google chrome admx extensions

Click on windows -> admx

block ads in chrome

Go to the location C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions and replace these two ADMX files here.

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Now you need to add the chrome.adml and google.adml files according to your language. I’m using en-us.

Click on windows -> admx -> en-US

chrome adblock group policy

After replacing these two files, you will see the google chrome folder will be created at this location in group policy.

Now create a new group policy for google chrome.

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Group policy -> right click on group policy object -> click on new -> click on Ok

chrome gpo extensions

You will get this location when you do right-click on group policy which you have created in GPO.

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Google  > Google Chrome > Extensions

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Now select the highlighted policy to install the extension.

adblock chrome extension chrome

Click on enabled and then show.

block ads in chrome using group policy

You will get these links or paths when you will install an adblocker in any machine. Then copy both id and link.

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You can find the ID when you go to google chrome -> settings -> extensions -> adblocker and you need to ‘on’ Developer mode at the right top of the browser otherwise you will see the ID of adblocker.

find chrome extension id

Now you can see the ID of adblocker.

You can find an extension folder from your profile location on the machine.

C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\ Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\{your_adblock_id_here}

Here you will find the manifest.json file and open adblocker ID folder.

Now find the “update_url” and copy the URL and paste.

update_url”: “”,

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Syntax is {extension_id_here};{udate_url_here}

Click on OK.

Now go to the google chrome browser, you will see adblocker extension installed.

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Now ads will be blocked.

You’re done google chrome admx extensions chrome adblock group policy gpo

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