How To Block Users To Install The Applications In Windows

How to block users, Allowing them to install the application can be risky in a co-operate environment we do this for the purpose of security. you can prevent or disable users to install from downloading and installing the software in the windows machine. By using, group policy you can also block install software by them in the windows machine.

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How to block the users to install the applications in windows:

Application installed with administrator rights. you can prevent all other application which is installed in the machine by making group policy in your server. you can also control all the activity of the user from a centralized server.

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Go to search and type gpedit.msc

How to block user

Select this and click on editing.

prevent users from installing

Choose an enabled option and click on the show icon mentioned below.

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disable user to install

Specify application which you want to block, In my case, I have blocked CCleaner setup.

block install software windows

Click on OK & apply so

That’s it. prevent users from installing how to prevent users disable user to install block install software windows

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