How To Block Websites Without Any Software On The Computer

How to block websites without any software on the computer it’s pretty easy and tricky. No technical knowledge required to perform this task. You can block websites using the Hosts file and firewall in windows. You can easily do this work because the host file also hides access to a particular URL or website. you just need to make an entry there in the host file.

We can block websites either using host files or with software extension on the
browsers in windows 10.
if you have a firewall, you can also do that using it. Let’s see, how to block a website in windows 10.

Block Websites Using Host files:

We have to open the “Notepad” as administrator as shown in the below figure.

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We have to click on “file” and then choose “open“.

Go to this path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and you have to choose “all files” then all files will be visible to you.

Now you can see the files.

How to block websites

Remember if you do not have access to open this file directly then open the file with Administrator rights

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block website in windows

Simply add these lines here in the files. 


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block website hosts file

See I’m able to open facebook before making any changes in the host file

After editing hosts file I will not be able to access Facebook,

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Block Using Google Chrome:

We can also block a website using an extension on google chrome. we will have to add a “block website” extension to the chrome browser as shown in the below figure. 

Now click on “add to chrome” and it will install on chrome browser. Once it’s installed then you have to click on “agree” to its term and conditions.

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Now you have to add a website URL that you want to block and click on Green “+” sign.  

You have to try to access the “” and you will see a message like below.

Block Websites Using Firefox:

In a similar way, you have to install the “block website” extension in the firefox browser and block the website you want.

website block software for windows 10

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We can also use “password protection” and you can choose any option you want. I will select “require a password to access the block sites“. 

block adults website windows 10

Once you have chosen the above options and it will ask you to Gmail id and password to activate the account. 

block a website windows

Open the Gmail account and click on verify now.

block website in windows 10

Once you have verified it and now access the ““. This should ask you to enter the password to access it as shown in the below figure.

block website firefox

Now you access Facebook by giving the access password which you have created in the above steps.

You’re block website windows firewall

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