How To Boot Windows 10/7 Machine In Safe Mode

We can start the window 10/7 machine in the safe mode using the different methods. Let’s see, how to boot windows into the safe mode. you can also use the command for the safe mode in windows.

How To Boot Windows 10/7 Machine In Safe Mode:

I will show you the different methods of booting the windows 10/7 into the safe mode.

Method 1: you can boot the machine simply make changes in system configuration. To open it, you can use the below command.

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Open the run using “windows key+r” then write the below command and enter it.


Once it’s opened then you have to click on “Boot” and choose “safe mode“.

 command for safe mode

Click on “apply” and then “ok“. This will restart the machine in the safe mode as you can see below.

into safe mode

Now every time you reboot your machine it will boot in the same mode until you don’t untick the “safe mode” options as shown in the above figure and apply changes.

Method 2: When you restart the machine before booting, you have to keep pressing or hold down the “f8” function key on your keyboard and it will show you the safe mode screen as shown in the above figure.

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Method 3: Use the command prompt to start the safe mode. login to your windows machine and open the command prompt using “windows key+r” then type “cmd” and enter it. you need to run it as administrator rights. 

It depends on which safe mode you want:

1. Safe Mode: “bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

2. Safe Mode with networking: “bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network

3. Safe Mode with command prompt: “bcdedit /set {default} safebootalternateshell yes

Every time it will boot in this mode until you don’t run the below command to boot the normally.

bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot

Method 4: Once you have click on “power” then “ restart & hold the shift key while clicking on it”.

 command for safe mode


You can also use this option “recovery” as shown in the figure and click on “restart now“. you will get the same windows screen as shown below.

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windows 10 safe mode

It will take you to the troubleshooting options and choose it. 

 safe mode windows 10

In the troubleshooting section, select the “Advanced options“.

how to boot into safe mode in windows 10

Here in the Advanced options section, you have to select “Startup options“.

how to start in safe mode windows 10

In Startup Options, we need to restart the machine.

After the restarting, you will see the windows screen like below, and here you have to select the “Enable Safe Mode”.

safe mode

Select the options which you want here. you can either press the number key or function key according to your requirement.

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This will boot the machine in safe mode. when you will restart it again, this boot in the normal mode.

That’s it.

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