How To Change Computer Name in Window Server 2008 r2

How to change Computer in Windows which used as the hostname of a server. We can change the full computer name or hostname in the windows server. We can change the computer name in the windows server as well as Windows 10. you can recognize the machine with the hostname.

You can make changes with the below commands as well as using the cmd and PowerShell in the windows machine.  Why do we need this? Suppose, if you want to ping the machine with the hostname of that machine, it won’t give you the response until u don’t give a name to that machine.

How To Change Computer Name in Window 2008 r2:

This can also help you to set up the DNS. we can make an entry in the host file with the hostname and IP address of the machine.

When you have an active directory server and want to change the name of the 
computer. Let’s see, how to change the full computer name in the windows machine. 

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Once we have to change settings in the windows server. we don’t need to do anything else if you want to set the name using the command line in windows server then use the below command.

using cmd (command):

netdom renamecomputer %COMPUTERNAME% /Newname"NEW-NAME"

using PowerShell (windows 2008/2012):

netdom renamecomputer "$env:COMPUTERNAME"/Newname "NEW-NAME"

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We can have the name of a server. So, we can identify with these unique names. 

Step 1: First you will have to log in to your server and open the Server Manager where you have to click on “ change System properties “ a window will open.

 Here I’m going to give a name a Win2008 as the hostname of this server. 

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How To Change Computer

Step 2: After window opened Click on Change,

you can reach here by right click on computer properties, then click on
change settings.

computer name in server

Step 3: Click on “Ok“.

change hostname windows server

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Type your Computer Name here & click on OK

Step 4: After Clicking on OK, it will ask you to restart the system.

full computer name

Click on OK button, Check when the system comes up your computer 
name will be WIN 2008.

YouTube Link:  Change full computer Name

You’re done 

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