how to check password encryption in linux

How To Change Default, passalgo a parameter that used to modified the default password algorithm. we can change the default password hashing algorithm method in Linux. Let’s see, how to check password encryption in Linux.

How To Change Default Password Hashing Algorithm:

By default, the Hashing value is MD5. This hashing algorithm used to encrypt the user password in /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow file.

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You can change and inspect the available algorithm choices by the below command.

authconfig -–help | grep passalgo

You can check the default hashing algorithm by

authconfig -–test | grep hashing

How To Change Default

Change the hashing algorithm by using the below command.

authconfig -–passalgo=sha512 –update

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change algorithm method

Now Check algorithm changed.  

authconfig -–test | grep hashing

Now the algorithm changed to SHA512.

Note: This will no effect on password already stored in /etc/passwd
& /etc/shadow only future password will be hashed with the new

That’s it change algorithm method linux password hash how to check password encryption in 


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