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How To Change Docker Container Name In Linux

If you want to know how to change the docker container So it can be possible with a single command. It’s always a good idea of giving a name to a container it helps you to remember for what you have created the image. we can change and rename the docker container name.

I have already created a container in the previous article you may find here Create Container

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Most the companies are moving on Docker Technologies to reduce the IT infrastructure cost and applications running on small containers.

Now there are only 2 container running I’m going to use the “con“ container to rename it with “centosimage

docker ps

how to change docker

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Run a below command with container id and a new name

docker rename df9aa4c8a099 centosimage

docker container name

Verify here  

docker ps

You may also go inside the container using attach and check the version of Centos image.

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docker attach df9aa4c8a099

cat /etc/redhat-release

YouTube Link: Rename Docker Container

You’re done change container name docker rename change

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