How To Change Facebook Account Login Password

How To Change Facebook Account  Login

Let’s see, how to change the Facebook password. You need to login to the FB account to change the password. The security on FB is very important because it keeps your information and data online.

Facebook is a platform where millions of people are connected from all over the world. you can share, create posts, videos, your business pages, advertising, and much more.

So, I do recommend you should have changed your password after a few months. you can also perform these tasks using mobile apps as well. When you create the password then don’t keep it like password123, admin123, etc because it’s very easy to guess and crack.

Afraid of getting facebook profile hacked? You can simply change your Facebook
password every 3 months for security purposes. 

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Step To Follow:

  1. Login to your Facebook account with your current password. 
  2. Click on the icon next to the “?” at the top of the Facebook login page. 
  3. Now click on Settings

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4. Then click on “security and login” and look for “Change password“. 

change password on fb

5. Click on “Edit” & type your “current” and “new password“. 

fb password change

6. Click on “save changes” and log out the Facebook then login with the new password.

You’re done change password on fb

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